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Whether you work as a solo practitioner, in a law firm or in an in-house legal department, ALR is right for you.

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ALR is a web based law practice management and time tracking software for lawyers.

Manage Your Legal Cases
Road Accident Fund Divorce Cases Litigation


Track Your Data

Track your Corporate Legal Data, Legal Documents, Contacts, Cases, Case Notes, Tasks and Reminders in one single Place.


Access To Your Data

Access to Database from any device. All that you need is a modern browser, a website and a secure connection.

Application Features


Monitor Claims

Give your client the ability to monitor their RAF claims or Civil Litigation matters from anywhere at any time as it proceeds.


Automatically Email Letters

Client claim letters are saved and automatically emailed with a push of a button.


Monitor ALL Cases

Log in as a Master attorney (Head of the firm) and monitor all cases from all attorneys of your firm.

Update Client Cases

Log in as an attorney of the firm and Update your clients cases from anywhere at any time.


Database Integration

All client case information is stored directly as you capture them into the Database.


Client & Case Search

Access all your clients information or case details with our new easy to use client Search function.

Who Uses This Software?

Law firms and solo practitioners looking for an affordable practice management software programme that automates routine tasks, improves information management, collaboration and team management. Our packages are designed for both RAF claims and Civil Litigation matters. More package to follow soon.

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